Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time is flying by

I have some much to report! where to start. You are almost 6 months old now I just can't believe it. You are moving all the time, I think in no time at all you will be crawling. You roll over all the time even at night, I have seen you do a 360 in bed. You are in a size 9months to 12months (big Boy).You are such a happy baby smiling all the time. You have really been talking alot (cooing) sometimes you will just lay there and make all kinds of noises, still waiting to hear the magic word Momma! Your favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse You just smile and kick and laugh its so cute. We just bought you a mickey mouse the other day. Oh and you can put your arms up too, like when you want to be picked up its so cute.

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