Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time to update.

Well Ethan you are now 3 months old, boy how time flies. I have now had to return to work, which sucks I miss you during the day so much. You are growing so fast you now weigh about 14lbs and you are 24in long, your eyes are still a bright blue. Daddy and I took you to the beach S.C we put your little feet in the sand (pics coming soon), I took you to Ohio to see your great grandparent, they though you where so cute (nanny) said she counldn't believe how alert you where. Your Grandfather past away on June 4th 2010, I am so Glad he got to meet you. He though you where so great, he loved to help change your diapers or sometimes he would hold you on his lap.

You have been smiling allot now, you try to laugh but it does not come out all the way yet.

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