Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swine Flu/ 19 weeks

Well Ethan, mommy stood in line yesterday for an hour and a half to get her vaccination. I was scarred but new it was what I need to do to keep you save :), I'm sure this is just the 1st of many things that I will be doing to keep you save despite my own fears. My arm is just a little sore, it will now take about two weeks to start working.

I am also now full force in my maternity clothes, my belly has just popped out. I am still having light headace's. I have been missing you moving around and me feeling it :(. I am now 19 weeks and have not felt you since about last Friday hmmm?? hope you are ok. I go to the doc's next Wed and Thursday. I should be getting another chance to see you.

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